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What You Need To Know When Travel to Ibiza

Ibiza is famous as the top party island in the Mediterreanean sea, only you don’t need to be a clubber in a latex paint outfit to enjoy a holiday upon the Balearic island. After living on Ibiza for a few weeks and publishing a traveling guidebook just about the island I’ve acquired many knowledge. Here is a list of less familiar informations that attract tourist to visit Ibiza:

-Ibiza is Cheap
Whenever you look past the extreme point costs of drinks in the best clubs, Ibiza is really cheap. The resorts are struggling to keep up with Mallorcas fresh made-up holiday spots and the eighties and nineties styled hotels are falling their prices to draw masses to buy holidays at their hotels. Low fitting costs are supposed too for 2011.

-Brits dominate
Whenever you head for the resort of San Antonio and travel to the resort s West End district you won’t feel suchlike you’re in Spain at all! At that place are  a lot of kebab joints, Chinese eating house, Fish & Chips places, strip clubs, nightclubs and party pubs that it resembles some English middle size town upon a Saturday night.

-Ibiza is gay town
Ibiza Town is house to a great homosexual community in the summertime days. Travel to the town s Sa Penya region by the seaport to feel the homosexual face of Ibiza. Expect narrow streets filled up with bars, clubs and a lot of restaurants.

-Really calm outside high season
The high season in Ibiza is in June, July, August and September. The rest of the year the island is pretty calm and you get to have whole the beaches and restaurants to yourself. A visit to Ibiza in May, June or October guaranties jolly weather and good shiny days without the crowd.

-Watch the sunset at Cafe del Mar, or someplace else
It’s hardly a secret, but a travel to to Ibiza isn’t absolute without delighting the view of the sundown with a cocktail in your hand. The most popular place to watch the sunset is at the world celebrated Cafe del Mar in San Antonio. But at that place are many other beach side cafés wherever you are able to get the same view, pay lower price for drinks, and have less people round you.

-Use your beach towel
In times when your budget is tight, it could be worth your while to stretch your euros a bit further. Our top money saving tip is in the sunbed region: don’t hire sunbeds at the beach each day, €5 a day for sunbeds equal €70 for fourteen day stay. Use your beach towel or delight life at the hotel pool.

-Great gourmet food at the supermarket
If you attend the beach you are able to pick up some nice serrano ham, cheese, baguettes and a a couple of beers at one of the many supermarkets. Eat them at the beach instead of paying for lunch or dinner party at fancy restaurants.

That is a few Ibiza secrets showed for you. Ibiza is a great destination between April and October. Personally I prefer to travel in May or early June. The costs are low and the weather is great.


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