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Travel To Paros Paradise

Famed since ancientness because its fine Parian marble, Paros is believed to be one of the most gorgeous islands of the Aegean Sea in Greece and is one of the commonest goals for holidaymakers. The island is placed in the centre of the Cyclades-the ring of islands located in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Paros is frequently skipped on the lower sails in prefer of the bigger-name islands in the Cyclades, like Mykonos and Santorini, Paros, which is one of the greater islands of the Cyclades configuration, provides a lot of breathless natural beauties that draw thousand of visitors each year and make it one of the most exciting tourist attractions around the globe.

From old times already, because of its central geographic position in the center of Aegean Sea, Paros became the leader island that modified the route of the Cyclades complex. Specifically, the island is placed west of the Naxos island, east of Antiparos and 90 n.m. Of the port of Piraeus. It’s the 3rd in size island after Naxos and Andros, on a 195 sq. km extend and a length of coast that extends up to 118,5 km. As the boat comes near the island, the visitors will see Parikia, which is the primary town, while one of the most cosmopolite regions of the island is the impressive town of Naoussa.

The story of Paros dates from centuries as it has been populated since 3,200 BC according to the diggings made on the island of Saliagos, placed between Paros and Antiparos-these two have believably formed one single island on ancient times. Granting to Greek mythology, the Cretan Alkaios was the 1st king of Paros, who chose to construct his city on the land site of today’s island capital, Parikia. During those times Crete was distributing with Egypt, Assyria, and the Balkans, and Cretans changed the island into a naval base which was given the name of Minoa, an respectful title given to Royal Cretan cities. This is explained due to the island’s strategical location which was the perfect place for ships to stop-center of the Cyclades complex-and get food and water resources since its plains were specially fertile-viniculture has applied good results and the wines of Paros are famed all around the globe for their good taste. In fact, over the centuries, Paros evolved to an administrative and commercialized center of Aegean and the intersection of another civilizations. The island saw times of glory and financial hardiness, but as well times of decline. Whole its past is declared in the stays of the archaeological places, in the historical monuments and in museums that host archeologic determinations. Grandiose Byzantine churches and monasteries with the architecture of Cyclades show the big faith of its residents.

Nowadays, Paros goes to those travel goals that have global popularity, due to its natural beauties, settlements and vacation spots. Traveling some Paros will fulfill any visitor with specific pictures. Walking in the thin, with pebbles, paths, you’ll be beguiled by the impressive ambience of Cyclades and the sights all-round the island.

Naoussa has the most beautiful fish port in Aegean Sea and if you wish to go back to time, you are able to visit the villages of Lefkes, Marpissa, Alyki, Abelas, Drios, Piso Livadi and Pounda. Of course, the island has a lot of deluxe hotel complexes and inexpensive rooms to let, to cover the needs of every visitor. Beautiful sandy beaches with crystal waters, orthodox villages with whitewashed cubic houses in narrow made-up alleyways contrasted with the many bougainvilleas, beautiful chapels, and an breathtaking nightlife are main tourist attraction that will make your visit an unforgettable one.

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