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Travel to Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Palma isn’t only the capital of Balearic Islands but as well the economical and ethnic center of the islands. It’s a eruptive island placed on the south slide of Mallorca, and is as well a favorite travel destination. Palma is the natural port of call when you visit Mallorca.

For todays travel news we will introduce to you Palma de Mallorca and its most famous vacation spots and tourist attractions, enjoy!

Palma features a hot climate that makes it a must place to be for traveling. Vacation people include Europeans and also Americans. From University scholars to honeymooners and from families to retirees, Palma de Mallorca is a tourist destination for everyone.

The climate in Palma de Mallorca is mostly hot with the average temperature of 30C. It provides a year round sunlight and climatic shapes can vary from a dull and overcast sky to scorching sun. Palma de Mallorca has the coastwise region as well as mountainous landscape and the climate varies in both the regions. It is warm near the seacoast but as you head inland, it will begin getting colder.

Palma de Mallorca is connected to Spanish islands like Tenerife, Gran Canaria and El Hierro, and as well to biggest airports in Europe. The Palma aerodrome is placed on the east coast of the island, 8kms from Palma de Mallorca. It’s the 3rd busiest airport in Spain and you are able to rent a car, take a cab to the Palma town from here.

Nightlife in Palma de Mallorca begins later 10pm. Sa Llotja is considered a spirited place specially for after dinner drinks. You can begin at Abaco, which has a kitsch cocktail bar in an old mansion. The other nightspot is Atlántico, which has a retroactive rock ’n’ roll feel, and is decked with memorabilia, and the sways with the sound of Elvis and the Rolling Stones. You can as well find Ibiza style clubbing at Tito’s.
The local beer in Palma is San Miguel, which is really cheap and enjoyable. Mahou is as well frequently served..

When you travel to Palma de Mallorca you have to try domestic food. The culinary art in Palma is highly diverse. Fish is very favourite and so is meat peculiarly pork, cheese, vegetables and different tropic fruits. The culinary art is distinctively Mediterranean and the Canarians add their own ingredients and style to it. You’ll discover a lot of fish on their menu, which is cooked and served as fried, boiled, fresh, grilled, salted, etc. It’s served with the pleasing mojo sauce, which can alter from mild to super hot. At that place are a lot of mouth watering shellfish cuisines also available. One of the popular seafood dishes of the island is Sancocho.

At that place are five escategories of beaches in Palma de Mallorca and they are unspoilt beaches, nudist beaches, urbanized beaches, rural beaches, and semi urban beaches. Palma’s coastline is experienced to be one of the best and glorious of all in the Canary Islands. The beaches are stunning with crystalline waters and black volcanic sand. The Atlantic Ocean kissing the Palma beaches have strong currents that make powerful waves, which is dangerous for swimming. A few of the most popular tourist attractions are beaches Can Pastilla, Cala Mayor, Es Molinar, Ciutat Jardi, Can Pere Antoni, and EL Arenal.


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