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Travel to Pafos, Cyprus

Floating on the waters of the European Mediterranean, there are lot of travel destinations, vacations spots and wonterful tourist attractions! For the example Cyprus is an odd mixture, it is a kaleidoscopic blend: its ethnic shapes are controlled by Western Europe, but its geographical proximity to Asia and Africa affords it more than just a touch of the East. Long coveted by mainland Greece and Turkey, this little island has its own definite and beguiling character.

Whether you know it as the ‘island of sin’ cheers to wild tales from Agia Napa; the country that entered the EU just as a one-half; or, as the tourist brochures enjoy to point out, ‘the island of Aphrodite’, Cyprus both confirms and confounds the stereotype. Parts of Republic of Cyprus have been run over by keen developers who have either ‘sold-out the country’s soul’ or ‘are adding great wealth to the island’. Whatsoever the truth, in the tourist centres of places alike Pafos, Agia Napa or Lemesos (Limasol), you may experience as if you have entered a sunshiny, scorching Essex suburbia with lobster-red Brits letting it entirely hang loose with a lukewarm can of Foster’s in tow. But if wonder pulls you out of the cities, you will discover the little villages of the Akamas Peninsula and the paradisal gold sand beaches of the Karpas (Kırpaşa) Peninsula. Walk the beautiful Troödos and Kyrenia & the Northcoast and breathe in the scent of the citrus groves of Morfou, or climb to the gothic castles with their shimmering island views. Wander through the sea of wildflowers covering the island in spring, and Cyprus will take your breath away. With good walking shoes, a swimsuit and some sunscreen in your bag, you can have a trip you’ll remember for years.

Connected by a road artery, Kato Pafos (Lower Pafos) and Ktima (Upper Pafos) form an exciting whole. Kato Pafos, the tourist centre, has continual neon lights, bad music, and bars and clubs assuring to cover their customers in suds; yet it has the South’s most attractive archaeological sites and lot more of tourist attractions. When you are standing (comparatively) lone in the middle of the Pafos Archaeological Site, circled by acres of history, a vast blue sky and the wild fennel and caper plants that grow on the Mediterranean’s sharpnesses, you experience thousands of ages away from the tourist gear.

Ktima, the actual centre of Pafos, has managed to get by the tourist building boom; it is a quieter place where ‘real Pafiots’ go about their regular business. It has beautiful complex buildings housing government institutions and a lot of the town’s museums. Its old Turkish quarter, Mouttalos, is run-down and slightly inaccessible, but gives an idea of how things appeared 30 ages ago….

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