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Travel Insurance: What’s the Score?

Whether you’re hoping to bag a last minute sojourn this Easter or you’re looking ahead towards the annual summer holiday, you need to ensure you don’t forget a few simple things during the run up to your departure date. It’s easy to head out on a shopping spree for all those holiday essentials like a new capsule wardrobe and a couple of pairs of espadrilles, but you shouldn’t stop there. The importance of travel insurance is never too apparent than when you actually need it – don’t get yourself into that situation. Take a look at the array of great holiday insurance deals available to suit your personal circumstances, so that if the worst happens, you have the cover you need.

While many travellers think that, as far as break in Europe is concerned, the EHIC should do the trick, in reality, this isn’t the case. To give all-round peace of mind, you need to take a look at travel insurance too, available from reputable providers such as Thomas Cook.

This invaluable insurance policy offers cover of medical expenses should you need care while abroad, as well as covering other losses that may be incurred during your time away, such as trip cancellation, lost baggage and flight delays.

The issue with many is the sheer volume of policy options available. To make it a little easier, refer to the following list so that you know what policies to compare.

  • Single trip insurance protects your belongings, health and travel arrangements for the duration of a single trip within a certain timeframe (usually a year)
  • Annual insurance covers any number of holidays during one year
  • Cruise insurance adds extra pointers, such as missed shore trips and extended baggage cover.
  • Business travel insurance protects your work-based issues, such as your laptop and digital media equipment, rather than unnecessary leisure activities.
  • Family holiday insurance safeguards against health, travel and belongings issues for not just you but the rest of the family that are travelling with you.

With additional extras available, such as winter and extreme sports, you can choose the perfect travel insurance policy that can be tailor-made to suit your requirements. Compare the various holiday insurance deals online, today.

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