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Top Five Tourist Attractions in North Cyprus

The Mediterranean has sun, sea and whole lot of sand, and features some of the world’s best beaches. Many of these are in North Cyprus, and if you go on vacation at that place you are in for a treat. The trouble is that you’re confused for option. With so many beaches on offer, which ones should you visit or stay close to? Travel news, Tourist Attractions, Sports and Recreation. We count down the top five to help with your choice.

Karpaz Beaches

Our number one beach is lower one particular beach and many a series of remote beaches. The Beaches in Karpaz are more private, and appeal a lot to those on luxury vacations to North Cyprus because of their isolated and a lot more exclusive nature. Each beach in the region has its own charm; the beach at Kasa was an old harbor known as Karpasia; Yeni Erenkoy is a open beach with showers and hot food available; and at that place are small coves along the Karpaz peninsula itself that bid utter seclusion. Karpaz has the biggest variety of beaches useable, and staying on or nearly the peninsula affords you perfect choice while on vacation in North Cyprus.

Kyrenia – Alagadi Turtle Beach.

Alagadi Turtle Beach is for those who would like to get the born side of North Cyprus beaches. Vacations to Kyrenia are raised by visiting this beach, where you are able to see green and loggerhead turtles come and lay their eggs in the summertime; at that place are cordoned off regions of the beach where you can delight the sea and sand as common while protecting the ecology of the local area.

Famagusta – Silver Beach

Silver Beach is southern of the ruinings at Salamis, one of the best tourist attractions  , and those who wish a diverse vacation in North Cyprus could mix the delights of this beach with the history and civilization on offer in this famed region. The beach is also wide-ranging in terms of activenesses, with a reef that is great for snorkeling and researching; at that place is big list of fish and exciting types of nautical life to be discovered among the old jetties in the cove. The cove is as well appropriate for little kids due to the light shelving of the sand, so the entire family could delight the region at any age.

Kyrenia – Escape Beach

Escape beach is exciting from an enjoyment and historical view. The beach is familiar as Yavuz Cikarma Plaji, the region where the Turkish Troops shot down during the Peace Operation in 1974, but is now cautiously improved with grass and amazing flowers.

Vacation sports are also very attractive. On the beach proper at that place are a overplus of water sports open, of jet skiing to banana ride, canoeing to pedal boats and from snorkel diving to scuba diving. The beach also has a volleyball area, restaurant and bar, with all the facilities you may want. The beach has an fabulous mix of activenesses and history for you to enjoy on your vacations in North Cyprus.

Famagusta – Glapsides Public Beach

A short driveway from Nicosia, Glapsides Public Beach is super if you’re resting in the capital and seeking an approachable beach. It has superior adeptnesses, with local a marketplace, bar, restaurant and showers, also as dolphin rides configured to make any vacation to North Cyprus extraordinary. The beach is occupy, but the ambience is friendly, with the beach’s exploiters being primarily young folks and families. There’s as well dancing and club music played by disc-jockeys on the beach for those who like to party in the evenings.


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