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Top 5 Winter Travel Destinations in Europe

Some people say you have never actually experienced Europe till it’s blanketed in Snow… which is actually something amazing that a lot can not put into words. The pace is relaxing with popular vacation destinations winding down. With that said, take advantage of these places and see them without the tourist rush to actually delight Europe as a winter wonderland. For todays travel news we will show you our choice of top 5 winter travel destinations:

1. Chamonix – If you are a fan of skiing and snow sports, this place is perfect for your wintertime vacation destination. Chamonix is a town placed in the eastern part of France in the Haute-Savoie region and is like a little paradise nestled between the avid big valleys.

Straddle the Italian-French borders as you explore the lovely Alps, with Mont Blanc, the most famous of them all, only a cable-car ride off.

2. Prague, Czech Republic – If you have been one to fall for fairytale settings, then it will not take you long to fall head over heels in love with Prague. Think castles, medieval bridges, glorious forests and charming lights, now imagine that covered with a blanket of snow and voila, you’ve got a real life fairytale city. Prague glitters most during wintertime, with its known ski resorts and spas – that are great tourist attraction. Walk through the Christmas markets or just stroll along Charles Bridge as you delight the relaxed easy-going lifestyle and take in the beauty that is Prague.

3. Sweden – Would you like to try something entirely different? Head for the famous ICEHOTEL in Sweden for a night in a room that’s at least -5°C. The idea behind this is to combine a cold nighttime together with all the warm ones you spend in Sweden.

Not only that, in the winter, Sweden is a fantastic place to catch a glimpse of the awe-inspiring aurora borealis (Northern Lights), something that you definitely have to see and that will leave you absolutely swept away.

4. Switzerland – Switzerland is an exciting winter holiday destination, whether you are in it for the skiing, snowboarding, or just wanting a nice refreshing break amongst pleasant surroundings.

The Swiss hospitality is friendly and warm and you will never run out of activities. Stay in their ski resorts up in the mountains or head down town to their quaint chocolate shops and eateries and experience a truly festive Christmas with them. Switzerland has attractions for everyone!

5. Norway – Vacation here in Norway for a really specific experience. Norway combines fiords, snow covered mountain plateaus, wilderness and sea that are amazing tourist attractions.

Norway also presents you with the best winter holiday around. Go snowshoeing, take a ride on a husky dog sled, go ice fishing, ride on a reindeer or even ride on your very own snow scooter as you research Norway with guaranteed fun in the snow!

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