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The Scenic Driving Trail To Chopaka Lake Road

The trail can be completed in an hour along a stretch of spectacular views on this 19-mile traverse. The trail is located on the eastern slope of the Cascades in the north-central area of Washington which is also south of the Canadian border. On this trail, an outdoor adventure such as fishing for rainbow trout in Chopaka Lake is one feature that you can stop by on this drive. The Chopaka Lake means “high mountain” for Indians in the Loomis State Forest of the Okanogan County.

The terrain is easy and mostly you will drive through a well-maintained leveled gravel road. Maps are available at the Okanogan National Forest or you may get some information from the Bureau of Land Management at their Wenatchee Field Office. The rest stops on this scenic drive trail are at the Chopaka Lake, the picnic and lookout area at Cold Springs, and the campgrounds at the North Fork Ninemile.

To get to the trailhead, start at Loomis which is west of US 97 just right on the northern end of the Sinlahekin Valley. From there, proceed to Loomis-Oroville Road about 2 miles to the north. Then take a west side direction to the left onto Toats Coulee Road. After 1.4 miles along this road, the trail branches and takes the road at your right onto the Chopaka Lake for about another 8.4 miles. The drive will continue further for another 7 miles and after which you shall take a northern direction to the right just right at a sign for Cold Springs and the trailhead for Fourteen Mile.

From the trailhead, drive and ascend to a hill where the path are lined with bushes and grasses and eventually leads you to a junction. Take a right turn still on the Chopaka Lake Road for another 3.7 miles until the road takes a left on a northwestern direction onto the Cold Springs viewpoint and campground. The road then continues to swerve to a southeastern route and descends through a pathway that is surrounded by trees. At a distance, you will get the best views of the mountain and hill on the eastern section.

The trail sets off to the left taking another 4.5 miles from where the Cold Springs branches onto road 2400. The road sets further for another 2 miles to the Chopaka Lake passing through forests and grandiose views of the vegetation on the hills and mountain peaks. The campground is free where the lake also provides the best venue for fly fishing. From here the road then makes a descent through sagebrush hills and onto a wooded mountainside lined with pine and aspen trees. The trail then returns to Toats Coulee Road marking the end of the trip.

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