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Riviera Maya Best Jungle Tours

The Riviera Maya area of the Yucatan Peninsula is well-known for its clean beaches, incredible resorts and a plethora of sports on the water and diving. There’s as well an plentiful ecological landscape to be researched around Akumal and Playa de Carmen in the preserved jungles of the area.

In these jungles, the authorities has taken steps to save the country from exploitation and hold the integrity of the born habitats of numerous species. From toucans to monkeys, you are able to see them all in their born environment by staging a jungle circuit while you’re staying in the area.

The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Preserve is 1.3 million acres set aside by the Mexican authorities as an internationally preserved natural habitat. In this jungle you can find mangrove swamplands, savannahs, tropic woodlands, coastal lagoons and thousands of species of birds, fish, monkeys and another creatures.

You will be able to arrange a tour of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Preserve with one of the numerous suppliers in the region. The best way to catch this region is by boat, and individual guided tours are useable with pure tour guides. A boat circuit will get over two lakes which are associated to the ocean near ancient Mayan canals that were erst an integral region of the trade roads for this ancient culture. As you sail by the guided boat circuit, you’ll wonder at the gorgeous plants and animal life such as orchids and other tropic flora.

You’ll as well have the chance to research a lot of Mayan debris placed inside the preserves. Fun part of the expedition is when you apply a life jacket and float down the canal. The great thing about these tours are that the earnings attend help maintaining this natural wonder. A daylight spent at the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Preserve is informative and amusing and you’ll go through primary one of the last undeveloped coastal areas in North America (such as Playa del Carmen, Catalonia).

At that place are a lot extra wildlife reserves in the area. There is the Xaman-Ha bird asylum in Playacar, just twenty minutes north of Akumal. This bird asylum is one of the natural marvels of Mexico and is host to hundreds of species of tropic birds. Another point to get the jungle experience is Jungle Place in Chemuyil. It’s placed 10 minutes from Akumal and is host to toucans and monkeys that you will be able to interact with. It’s inland and there’s even accommodating available if you prefer to spend more time in the jungle.

They hold monkeys in a cage where you could enter and pet them and interact with them and discover how they live. This is a unusual chance to safely interact with wildlife and discover some their natural habitat and even drop a a couple of days in the jungle to get the total experience. The Riviera Maya region provides a lot jungle habitats and natural preserves for tourists to truly delight one of the last good, unexploited jungle and coastline areas in Mexico.



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