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Princess Cruises: The Luxury Getaway

They say election season is not all fun and games. But what if it was? What if, this election year, you can find a campaign that was not only all about fun, games, and sweepstakes, but also gave you the chance to escape the barrage of negativity from this campaign cycle, by going on a free cruise?

If these are the types of campaign promises you can live with, then forget the Democrats and the Republicans, and join the party that lives up to its name: Princess Cruises. Princess and its passionate staff want to give you the chance to join the campaign to escape completely.

Now through November 6, go to www.princess.com to find great trivia games and prizes, including gifts to take with you on your next cruise, and the chance to have a free cruise on the brand new Royal Princess. If youʼre registered to get e-mails from Princess, you can also be one of the ten individuals who each week get a “Golden Ticket” for a chance to win a free Getaway cruise.

Princess Cruises Escape Completely campaign is not about taxes or unemployment, but about enjoyment, relaxation, and escape. You know you deserve all three.

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