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Popular Casinos in Vegas

One of the most well-known places to enjoy casino gambling is the American city of Las Vegas. Visitors to the city can find numes casinos, most within walking distance of one another. In fact, many of them are strategically located along an area known as the Strip. With so many casinos to visit, gamblers will have a tough time deciding which ones to visit. There are a few that stand out as casinos that should not be missed while on holiday.

The Mirage is one of the popular casinos found in Vegas. When it was built in 1989, it was the most expensive casino ever to have been built. The great expense went into the details of the casino’s design. The gold windows that are such a focal point for the Mirage do not get their gold hue from paint but rather from actual gold dust used when building the casino. Expect to find a nice assortment of casino games here with daily poker tournaments.

Another casino known for its opulence is the Bellagio. Here guests can find extreme luxury and class. The casino offers an extensive variety of casino games, similar to the online roulette you would find at an online site. This makes the Bellagio one of the top casinos in the city. Its impressive fountains offer a light show with perfectly
choreographed music.

Circus Circus is a whimsical take on a casino. Using a circus theme, this casino has been open for over 45 years now. There are over 40 table games on the floor. The casino is well known for its varying shoe blackjack games. Players can opt to play at tables that use either one, two or six deck shoes. Another unique part of the blackjack games offered here includes a blackjack game that will pay out 2/1 for any blackjack hand. This is much more than the typical 3/2.

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