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Opera has a New Home in Sydney!!

Many people have never experienced an opera, but nonetheless are fascinated by the beauty and mystique of these elaborate, sumptuous productions.  When most people think of the opera they think of the world’s grand cities, like Paris or New York.  However, Sydney has become a powerhouse in the arts world, including in opera.  Thousands of tourists flock to Sydney every year to experience the impressive array of performances that can be seen there. Nowdays, feel free to visit this Popular Sydney sight because Opera has a new home in Sydney!!

The latest such operatic performance to come to Sydney is Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour’s breathtaking production of Giuseppe Verdi’s acclaimed masterpiece La Traviata.  With a production bill totaling near $12 million, it is no wonder The Guardian has called this the ‘world-wide number #1 opera event of 2012.’

Several features of the design of this particular production stand out as particularly impressive.  First is the stage design.  The stage literally floats on Sydney Harbour, creating an air of mystery and romantic intrigue, mirroring the action in the opera.  There is also a massive chandelier of Swarovski crystal and a gigantic chesterfield.  The venue is expected to hold up to three thousand patrons.

Tickets for this production start at around $85, so it should be within any traveler’s budget.  The show runs for three weeks starting March 24.

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