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New bars in Toronto you have to visit once

Toronto is a truly immense city, covering no less than 600 square kilometres. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, it is also an incredibly beautiful city. Most of the city is fairly modern with a breathtaking and iconic skyline.

Toronto is an up and coming city, it is known for its cosmopolitan feel and is ethnically diverse. Recent figures suggest that almost half Toronto’s residents were born outside of Canada. There are plenty of bars and restaurants representing and serving this diverse community and some of them are quite unique. If you are planning a trip to Toronto, then you simply have to visit one of the city’s new bars.

Bars in Toronto are more than simply bars. They are a destination in their own right and something completely different from your local pub or wine bar. When it comes to a Toronto bar, atmosphere and quality is key. Whether you want to enjoy a live music venue or the perfect cocktail, or both, there is a Toronto bar to fit the bill.


Many of them have really quirky names too. Try for instance, ‘No one Writes to the Colonel’. This is a cool bar, retro, swanky and sophisticated it is located in what was an old Doctor’s surgery in the Bathurst area of the city. It is a very welcoming bar, run by locals and offers a comfortable environment in which to enjoy your Toronto Bar experience.

Nestled away in Toronto’s Kensington Market area, is a little bar called ‘Cold Tea’. The name comes from the not so secret code word for an after hours ‘lock in’ in many of the city’s Chinese Restaurants. The bar may not look too salubrious from the outside and it is indeed quite dark inside but it has a good reputation for great dim sum, good cocktails, cold beer and great live music.

Staying in chic Kensington, the rather inappropriately named ‘Poetry Jazz Café’ offers the glitz and glamour to go with their incredible drinks menu. Although the bar does lack poetry and it isn’t a café, the jazz part is bang on the money. Regularly featuring some incredible live jazz bands, this is the place where the cool people hang out! The décor is completely vintage and stepping through the door is a step back in time. This is a real destination bar.


Simply named ‘Cocktail Bar’, this is arguably THE place to go if you are looking for the best cocktails in town. The exterior is unassuming but the interior is cool and chic and beautifully lit imbuing the place with an ‘underground’ and elicit feel. Here, the quality of the drink really matters. The bitters used to create many of the cocktails is made in-house and the drinks are a little more pricey than in ‘Cold Tea’ for example, but the quality tells.

Situated on Lower Ossington, ‘Yours Truly’ is the place to go if you are looking for hip and trendy. Casual and laid back with a great dining menu as well as an exciting cocktail menu including both classic and unique ‘signature’ drinks, this is the place where fine dining meets fine cocktails.


Once you have been to a Toronto bar, you will never look back. It is a way of life and visitors to the city can have great fun experiencing as many of these destination bars as possible.

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