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Most Exotic Bahamas Beaches

There is a lot of going on when summer vacation comes. We provide the best info about travel attractions and vacation spots all around the world, and of course, their travel news. For today travel info, here are most visited beaches on Bahamas.


Paradise Beach might be the nicest Bahamas beach on the entire Paradise Island. Guessts of the Atlantis Hotel have full access to the beach, and some of them are of course always open to locals. There are little cottages all over the beach, they are the place where you can change, eat and get out of the sun.

Cable Beach is placed on New Providence Island, one of the best beaches in Bahamas especially for those who love shopping, partying and gambling. Cable Beach is as well a great option for families with kids, because it’s near to restrooms, hotels and restaurants. The beach is about 4 miles long and it’s amazing.

Pink Sand Beach also rated as one of the best of Bahamas beaches (not only from our side). It is about three miles long, the sands are pink, just like the name says, and combination with the blue sea makes her unforgettable tourist attraction of Bahamas.

Tahiti Beach is the most romantic beach of Bahamas. It is popular with couples and sailing enthusiasts. This beach has great access from the sea, and you can also access the beach by riding a bike along the gravel road or hiking. Cars can’t access the road what makes this beach the most silent beach in the Bahamas. But there are very limited facilities, so you have to bring your own food and water.

Guana Beach (ranked by some gudiebooks) is also on top of the Bahamas list. It is a gorgeous white-sand beach, seven miles long white of white sand, and with stunning palm trees at the edge. Just what makes it the beautiful tropical beach, and also one of many tourist attractions.

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