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Las Vegas What Happens Here, Stays Here

Bright lights, various entertainers, big money casinos: these are only a few things that make up an iconic destination, Las Vegas. Las Vegas is filled with excitement, helping that stressed out businessman unwind and receive whatever he desires. Now, Last Vegas is celebrating the decade-long advertising campaign, “Las Vegas What Happens Here Stays Here” with not only its own recognition, but the recognition of a brand new story called “History of Friendship”. It is about two men who decide to travel the gorgeous, fun-filled city, with one being the “Vegas Enabler”, and the other one being enabled by his friend. Learn more at www.LasVegas.com.


Many people are pleased with the idea. “The ‘What happens here, stays here’ campaign strikes an emotional chord with consumers who relate with the notion of adult freedom,” said Cathy Tull, senior vice president of marketing for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA). “The campaign has evolved from giving visitors permission to live their fantasies, to a celebration of those who facilitate these experiences – the ‘Vegas Enabler.’ Everyone should have a ‘Vegas Enabler’ in their life, that person who encourages you to let your hair down, and the new campaign applauds these people.”

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