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Holidays in Magaluf: The Best of the Sundown Shenanigans

Holidays in Magaluf – you know they mean barmy bevvy business, good and proper. There’s nowhere quite like Magaluf. While many of the clubbing capitals around the world invite clubbing keenos to go utterly bonkers on their shores, this Balearics beauty really knows how to turn things up a notch.

As well as the strip, there’s plenty of evening action to get stuck into while you’re on your summer session.

School Disco

Knee-highs, pleated skirts and pigtails at the ready, there’s nothing better than a good ol’ school disco. Expect some retro classics pumping out from the 70’s to the 90’s and everything in between. School disco night in Magaluf is all about the carefree fun – get your freckles on and get on it.

Pirates Reloaded

Shiver me timbers, it’s time t’ eat, drink and have fun at Pirates Reloaded, the late night showing of the family dinner show. Get ready for an impressive performance complete with a bold and brassy Captain and his crew. Awesomesauce evening fun.

Red Lion Boat Party

Do it just like those Inbetweeners boys. That’s right, this is the very boat party that featured in the The Inbetweeners Movie film. Yes, it’s meant to be Malia, but they lied, it was Magaluf, and now you have the chance to get your groove on too, with a cheap on board bar, live DJ, and plenty of party rocking.

Silent Arena

It’s totes hilare and you know it. Dancing to your choice of track while your mate rocks out to a completely different track, in a club, in silence? The whole concept is totally off its nut, but that is why we love it, and that is definitely why this event cannot be missed.

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