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Greece Island Lefkada

Lefkada island is one of the most gorgeous islands of the Ionians. Impresive landscapes, long beches (Lefkada has 117km of coastline), blue sea, beach resorts, conditions for surfing are main tourist attractions, and traditional villages, animated resorts and a beautiful capital are vacation spots you will never forget!For todays travel news we will shortly present you this island.



Lefkada is know around the world for the windsurf and kitesurf conditions in the summertime afternoons.
Vassiliki and Frini-Agios beach are twor most known beaches on the Lefkada island. These two beaches are main vacation spots, especially for windsurfers and kitesurfers. They gather to enjoy their surfing and they offer a magnificent spectacle.

Another famous beach and resort is Vassiliki, placed 38km from the capital. It is also fishing village placed in the Vassiliki bay in front of the pebble beach, and it is one of the most beautiful beache with it’s blue sea water mixed with bleaching water. Because of conditions for windsurfing and sailing Vassiliki village is one of the many tourist attractions on the island of Lefkada Greece. They have facilities water sports and windsurfing material. Vassiliki offers big range of adjustment, shops, bars, camp sites, and some of these are placed on the beach.



About 14km east of the islands capital is placed Kathisma beach, known as one of the most gorgeous beaches of the island. Long white sanded beach circled with amazing clifs. It’s adjusted with sunbeds and umbrella rentals. There are also bars and restaurants, hotels and accommodation…



Porto Katsiki is placed on the south-west from Lfkada’s capital, on about 40kms. One of the most beautiful sandy beaches circled with impressive cliffs and only way to the beach is by 80 smal steps that go down the cliff. On the top of the cliff is placed parking where are also bars and restaurants. It is verry popular beach and attracts thousands of tourists year after year.



On about 12 km west of the capital there is beautiful fishing village called Agios Nikitas. It has gorgeous beach with tavernas in the back. The village has become important because it’s near to the famous vacation spots of the island: beaches Porto Katsiki, Kathisma and Pefkolia.


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