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Discover the Beauty and Charm of Beautiful Prague

Having come about as one of Europe’s finest locations, Prague is bringing in a lot of guests to its enchanting streets and exciting environment every year.


Filled with church domes, museums, cathedrals and bridges, the architectural mastery in Prague is believed to be among the best seen in Europe, and it is not difficult to find out why. The city has turned into a extremely popular destination in  Europe, due to its number of attractions and activities. Another reason why people visit the town is the stunning Prague Castle which dates many centuries back and it is full of history.


Actually, the centre of Prague has become chosen a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and the city is currently home to about 1.2 million people. It is also mostly regarded as a ‘walkable’ location, where guests do not have to depend a lot on other types of transport. But while there is a lot to do and see in Prague, guests might want to take a extended stay in the city than initially intended. Probably the most popular location is Prague Castle, that goes up above the city and it is one among the greatest historic castles in the world.


The city is split into the New Town and Old Town, with lots of exciting sights on both sides. The Old Town has a wide variety of historical structures such as the Town Hall, the old Estate Theatre and the Astronomical Clock. Wenceslas Square is placed in The New Town, and that is a centre for numerous restaurants, shops and stalls. In addition, the National Museum, arcades and parks can be found on the New Town area.


Charles Bridge is another attraction in the city, as it extends over the river and it is considered one of Prague’s most breath taking sights. The bridge is quite busy throughout the day, where site visitors can find entertainment and tradesmen.


People trying to find a museum to understand more about the history of the Czech Republic and Prague will not be dissatisfied: the City Gallery, Museum of Fine Arts and the National Museum can be found in Prague. And, if you’re looking for a thing a bit different then you will find jazz performances and theatres, night time boat tours, to experience.


While Prague is recognized as a classic destination, the city does feature a lot of contemporary amenities. Along with ancient architecture and hotels, there are also many modern sites to spend the night, like short stay serviced apartments, as an example.

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