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Caves of St. Christopher Labonte

Caves of St. Christopher Labonte ( Or in Italian: Grotte di San Cristoforo di Labante),  is amazing natural beauty of caves located in Italy. Even when Italy Travel Guide is full of beautiful places and sightseens like Rome, Venice, Milano and other beautiful cities, this natural part of Italy that is not well known for tourists who visit this beautiful country.

Since we don’t have any additional info, bellow you can find some translated Italian info about this place:
The name appears for the first time in a document dated 969, preserved in the State of Modena, in a copy made in the early decades of the thirteenth century, contains the testimony before the Emperor Otto I to Modena and Bologna on ‘trend of the line border between the respective bishoprics. The locations used in the paper 4 times: 2 times in the form Saxomurale, and once each in the forms and Saxomolare Saxomulare. So that, with regard to the etymology, we believe that it is a name consisting of 2 parts: the first part formed from the Latin saxum which means cliff, rock, rock and the like, the second could be the Latin adjective mural (from murus noun, bulwark, defense), or the Latin adjective molar (from grinding, milling). In the first case the name means “rock that rises like a wall or rampart” in the second case “rock from which you extract millstones.”

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