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Beautiful Island of Zakynthos, Greece

Zakynthos island of Greece is one of the most beautiful islands of the Lonians. Zakynthos island has impressive landscapes, long sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, beautiful mountains, traditional villages, stone houses are main tourist attractions on Zakynthos. Charming capital, animated beach resorts with a lot of restaurants and bars, orthodox churches are famous vacation spots on Zakynthos island.  For today’s travel news we will present to you most popular tourist attractions and vacation spots of Zakynthos, like beaches, bars, resorts, and all of the information that you need to organise your holiday on Zakynthos island…

-Navagio Beach one of the most famous beaches of Zakynthos. It’s placed on the east side of the island, close to the village ov Anafotiria. Official name of the beach is Agios Georgios.
In year of 1983 the ship illegally transported cigarettes and the beach took it name from that ship.
Navagio Beach is one of the trademarks of the island and is photographed by thousands of visitors.
The beach is only approachable by boat from the small harbour of Porto Vromi. There is a boat every hour and the boat trip goes about half an hour.

-About 3 miles from the island’s capital there is the beach of Argassi. It’s about one mile long yellow sand beach and it offers water sports facilities. Argassi is poplar vacation spot and attracts many foreign tourists. It is near the hotels, bars and tourist shops.

-The most developed and crowded of  Zakynthos beaches is Laganas beach, with it resort. Placed about 8 miles south of the island’s capital. Laganas is defined as the beach with the 5 miles long yellow sand beach with crystal clear water. Whole beach covered by sun beds and umbrellas. There are many bars, canteens and taverns lined on the beach.

-On the south of the island there is also beach of Keri. It’s small and calm resort placed on the gorgeous bay with crystalline waters. Along the beach you can find cafe bars and taverns. It offers beautiful view over the islet of Marathonissi.

-Porto zoro is an picturesque sandy beach places 13 miles of island’s capital. Beautiful rocky formations are placed in the sea in front of the beach.

-Banana beach is known as one of the most glorious beaches on the island. It’s a long sandy beach with beach bars that are offering some shade and sun beds for rental.

-Agios Nikolaos is a smaller beach than Banana beach. Had her name from the little chapel that is placed on the end of the beach, and it is a tourist attraction, as well as the restaurant and the bar, water sport facilities and scuba diving courses. Around the area are also hotels and rooms for rental.

On Zakynthos there is also a night life that attracts tourists. Lot of bars and clubs open from dusk till dawn.

-The Cave bar is most beautiful of all the bars on Zakynthos. Lively atmosphere in the evening, large selection of cocktails and beers… The place to relax on early evenig, the place with the best Margherita on the island!

-Jungle bar placed in the crossroads of Alykes in Zakynthos. Serves the best shots and cocktails of all the bars. This bar is playing the best music including future hits and all time classics.

-Of all the clubs Zante is the coolest place to have it large, relax and forget about life for the night. With English being widely spoken and the Zakinthians being the friendliest of all the Greek islanders, you will love it!




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